We are now accepting duologue scenes for the return of our #CastMeComp initiative.

Deadline Sunday 28th February at 10am!


CastMeComp is a self-tape competition for actors judged by industry professionals. Recent judges include: 

  • Director Daniel O’Hara (The Stranger, Brassic, Victoria)

  • Director Hettie Macdonald (Normal people, Beautiful Thing)

  • Actor Producers Noel Clarke and Jason Maza (Kidulthood, Bulletproof)

  • Casting Director's Des Hamilton, Rachel Sheridan, Peter Hunt, Emma Crompton, Emma Stafford, Daniel Edwards, Isabella Odoffin and Theo Park


We are looking for duologues that can be used in both the AMERICAN and BRITISH market.


We supply at least FOUR scripts to all actors per competition. TWO that must apply to all genders under the age 35 and TWO for those above the age of 35. If you can make a character suitable for all gender/age ranges then that’s great but don’t let this restrict you too much.

Unsure where to start? We are more than happy for you to be inspired by the TV and Film you have recently watched and love, don't produce a carbon copy but taking ideas, characters, plots and influence from an already produced scene is perfectly fine, you know it works, maybe you can make it better!

  • These scenes must be duologues

  • If possible write a duologue that could be performed by both American and British actors - this may mean avoiding British slang or terms, or giving an option in your script for actors. (Eg: MIKE: Throw that in the bin/trash will you).

  • Roles should be reasonably balanced in terms of the amount of dialogue.

  • Between 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 minutes ( 2 pages MAX) - anything over this will not be considered.

  • Scenes should be suitable for a self-tape audition scenario - Actors will be filming at home with restricted resources and ability to move.

  • Scenes should be written for screen with minimal stage directions and prop usage.

  • Give your scenes a journey... it's important we allow actors to show range and/or give them something to sink their teeth into.

  • Maximum of 2 scenes per person will be considered.

  • All genres are encouraged! 

Our feedback for the last submission window:

  • Many of the scenes started with ‘Hey, Hi, How are you’ etc which works in a longer scene set up, but in 90 seconds - 2 minutes we suggest jumping straight into the action. Take us right into the heart of the scene. 

  • Really know what your character's objectives are (What do they want?) 

  • CastMeComp actors only have a few days to learn the text and self tape. Scripts with complex dialogue or with a lot of long speeches may not be suitable. 

  • Many of the scenes were based around props or written with the characters in action. As an audience, not being able to see the object or feeling left out of the action tends not to work as well in a self tape scenario. Anything that takes eyeline down isn’t helpful for self tapes either - phones etc.

  • It’s great not to use character stereotypes. People are not defined by one thing. Find the complexity in your characters. 

  • Allow the dynamic of the writing to change. Quick one liners, to a 2/3 line speech.

  • Don't be afraid to use silence but make sure that there's an objective in the silence so the actors can play it.

  • Think about the life of the characters (back story) and the bigger story arc, the film/play the scene might sit in, this gives your scene life rather than write a stand alone with no before or after. 

  • Tread carefully with some subjects. It is important that the actors feel like they have depth to play, however, if a subject is not well researched or if it is flippantly written with no complexity, this could be triggering for some.

  • Remember, to the actor, the subtext is king. Let there be something bubbling under the surface. 

  • It’s interesting to note that we had a lot of scenes submitted that were first dates and couples sat on a hill gazing into the distance. If you chose to set a scene here ask yourself why.

  • Don't be afraid of using different styles or different time periods. 

  • We have a wide age range of actors. So, unless necessary, don't limit your script's potential of being chosen by making a character's age/gender(s) really specific. If character 'A' says 'Grandads eating all the cake' it will only appeal to a younger pool of actors. Try using a sister or friend instead, or give the option in your writing - this opens up your script making it more appealing for us to use in our competitions.

Submitted scripts will go through a panel of 3 people at Do or Die Studios who will independently vote on each script.


If successful this will be a paid opportunity at £75 per scene. Successful scripts may also be used in future workshops/events at Do or Die Studios and by entering you agree to this. Writers may also continue to use these scripts for their own purpose but this must be after the CastMeComp winner announcement. Writers may also enter the CastMeComps as actors but won't be able to use their own material 


We will be keeping all scripts on file for possible use in future CastMeComps, so although your scripts may not be suitable for our next Castmecomp, they may be right for future ones - if this is the case there will be a fee paid to you per scene. For this reason, we won't be sending out any unsuccessful emails.


Please title your script and label your file with your name and the scene name. In your email please also state the suggested gender(s) of each character along with the age range you think is suitable Eg: A = Any gender 35+. These must be emailed in Word/Pages format to Castmecompscript@gmail.com



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