Do or Die Studios are seeking duologue scenes for their popular #CastMeComp initiative.


The deadline for scripts is Thursday 25th June at 1pm.


CastMeComp is a self-tape competition for actors judged my industry professionals. Recent judges include: 

  • Director Daniel O’Hara (The Stranger, Brassic, Victoria)

  • Director Hettie Macdonald (Normal people, Beautiful Thing)

  • Actor Producers Noel Clarke and Jason Maza (Kidulthood, Bulletproof)

  • Casting Director Emma Crompton (Beauty and the Beast, Vanity Fair, Grimsby)


Our next judge is confirmed and we are looking for scripts for our actors to use in this competition but also for future #CastMeComps. 


We supply FOUR scripts to all actors per competition. TWO that must apply to males and females under 35 and TWO for those above the age of 35. If you can make a character suitable for both genders/age ranges then that’s great but don’t let this restrict you too much.


  • These scenes must be duologues

  • Roles must be reasonably balanced so they are both appealing

  • Between 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 minutes

  • Both Comedy and Drama are accepted

  • Suitable for self-taping in an audition scenario 

  • TV scripts with minimal stage directions/prop usage

  • Scenes with a journey... allow actors to show range and/or give them something to sink their teeth into 

  • To enter you must submit at least 2 scenes and a maximum of 4 per person


Submitted scripts will go through a panel of 3 people at Do or Die Studios who will independently vote on each script.


If successful this will be a paid opportunity at £75 per scene. Successful scripts may also be used in future workshops/events at Do or Die Studios and by entering you agree to this. Writers may also continue to use these scripts for their own purpose but this must be after the CastMeComp winner announcement. Writers may also enter the CastMeComps as actors but won't be able to use their own material 


If you are successful you will be emailed before Monday 29th June. We will be keeping all scripts on file for possible use in future CastMeComps, so although your scripts may not be suitable for our next Castmecomp, they may be right for future ones - if this is the case there will be a fee paid to you per scene. For this reason we won't be sending out any unsuccessful emails.


Please title and label scenes with your Name, your email and the scene title as the file name. Please also state the gender of each character along with the age range you think is suitable Eg: A = Any gender 35+.These must be emailed in PDF format to


The deadline for scripts is Thursday 25th June at 1pm.

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