On average 80% of initial auditions are now selftapes, making selftape practice and feedback from industry professionals vital. 

Our Workshops:

  • Each workshop is strictly limited to 30 places.

  • We will send you personalised feedback (privately) including learning objectives from the Industry Professional.

  • Our selftape workshops give you 4 days to tape.

  • Workshops through selftaping mean you don’t have to book time off work or lose an evening/weekend to attend - you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, to suit your schedule.

  • No travel costs for actors.

  • Multiple chances at getting a performance you are happy with industry professionals seeing - something you don't get on zoom or in-person workshops.

  • Gives industry professionals the chance to save actors' work digitally, rather than rely on memory.

  • Industry professionals choose one actors tape from each workshop they think deserved a 'special mention'. Every 4 workshops the special mentions tape from each, will go head to head and will be voted for by our social followers - the winner takes home a cash prize.

  • 10% of profits donated to charity.